Boys Football Football, Competitive Cheer Competitive Cheer · Game Day Expectations at The Reservation

We would like to extend a welcome back to our hometown crowd and a welcome to our visitors across the way.  We are hoping you and your athletes will have a great time here at The Reservation and Stephens County High School. We would like to inform you of what you can expect when traveling to our game sites and the social distancing protocol changes for this upcoming season. We will work real hard at making sites for football, volleyball and softball a good event for your fans, players, and families. Please share with your friends, families, followers.


Expectations and Operations for spectators and stadium seating.

  • Spectators are expected to maintain social distancing while in the stands at The Reservation. Gates will open at 5:30pm
  • All spectators will be expected to self screen for symptoms of Covid-19 before coming to the game.  If symptomatic, please remain at home. 
  • Pre-sale tickets will be available Monday through Thursday of each home game week. You can purchase in advance at the front office SCHS. 
  • We will require all children, middle school age or younger to be accompanied to the game with adult supervision.  
  • We will be promoting social distancing throughout the event.
  • All students/children must remain in the stands and under supervision of the adult.  Spectators that do not supervise their children will be asked to leave the stadium.  
  • Facemasks are recommended at all times. Please practice social distancing. It is your responsibility.
  • No one from the stands will be allowed on the track/field area before, during, or after the game.
  • No one from the track/field area will be allowed up into the stands before, during, after the game. 

Concessions, Bands, Visitors

    • Social gatherings in concession/restroom areas will not be permitted. We will ask everyone to find a seat in the stadium or bring a lawn chair for top of the stadium walkway. 
    • Concession workers will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms prior to each event.
    • Concession workers will be required to wear gloves and facemasks.
    • Concession lines will be clearly marked to meet social distancing needs. 
    • We will provide many hand sanitizer stations spread throughout the stadium.
  • We will be promoting social distancing throughout the event.
  • Field access at any time will require a FIELD ACCESS PASS and lanyard to be displayed.
  • Visitor Parking and entrance to stadium
    • White Pine Road / Baseball Facility will be the main entrance for our visitors. 
    • All visitor bus parking – band, cheer, player, etc… 
    • Enter off White Pine Rd.(preview the map enclosed)
  • Visitor locker room facility for the football team will be the baseball fieldhouse. 
  • Bands, both home and visitor  will be seated on the track.  
  • Each Band will enter and exit the field from different access points. 

Media, Exiting the stadium

  • All media must have approved FIELD PASS credentials to access the field and track areas.
  • FIELD PASS credentials will be available for pickup from a Stephens County High School Administrator.
  • After the game the visiting team will exit the field through the same gate entered. No handshake or loitering on the field. 

Hoping your visit to Stephens County High School will be a good one.  Please email Chuck King, Athletic Director ( with any questions you might have.  

Have a blessed day


Chuck King

Athletic Director 

Stephens County High School