Our Indian runners had a good day on the running trails in Hartwell.  This group is working really hard and the hard work is showing up more at each of the Cross Country meets we run.

The boys finished 2nd overall. Grady Sanders placed 3rd overall with a time of 17:40, River Duncan placed 6th overall with a time of 19:04, Matthew Viehweg placed 19th, Micah Burkhart 27th, Braden Griffin 29th, Austin Jones 35th, Dawson Jordan 37th, Griffin Wilkinson 38th, Gavin Wilkinson 41st, Ethan Cross 49th, Devon Gibson 57th, Styles Jones 65th, Bryson Murchison 72nd, Ayden Cross 75th, and Zane Pressley 76th . The boys ran their best team time of 19:59.

The girls finished 3rd overall. Grace Witherspoon 4th overall with a time of 23:29, Madison Strickland 7th overall with a time 23:44, Abby Burkhart 23rd with a time of 28:13, Akacia house 26th with a time of 29:13, Gris Perez 27th with a time of 29:45, Lindsay Moore 28th, Ella Oldham 30th, Lorelai Hamby 31st, and  Carrie Keown 32nd. The girls ran their best team time of 26:53.
“We would have done better if we had not had too many pit stops!!!” says Coach Colwell.
Go Indians!