We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your athletes when traveling to Stephens County High School. We would like to inform you of what you can expect when traveling to our game sites and the social distancing protocol changes for this upcoming season. We will work real hard at making sites for basketball and wrestling a good event for your fans, players, and families. Please share with your friends, families, followers.

BASKETBALL: Varsity and Sub-varsity Games   

Contact Coach Laura Baker for our Girls Basketball 

                Coach Jeremy Hughes for our Boys Basketball 

                Coach Rocki Forester for our Basketball Cheer 

  • Tickets for the event will be pre-sold with  Please download the app and purchase your tickets.
  • We will sell the remaining tickets not purchased in advance, at the door.  No guarantees on any sold at the door. 
  • Tickets sold – we are planning to sell up to 700 tickets. Just under the 50% capacity. 
  • GHSA passes will not count in the total tickets sold number. 
  • NO STANDING/LOITERING along the rails, track upstairs in the arena. You may be asked to exit the arena. You may be asked to leave the arena if repeatedly asked.
  • NO MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE OR YOUNGER allowed into the arena without adult supervision.
  • Everyone must find and occupy a seat. You may be asked to exit the arena if repeatedly asked.
  • Concessions will be set up in a couple of different spots around the arena.  Again, working to shorten lines, social distance, and keep people healthy.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available around the arena.
  • Masks are required on entry and exit. Masks are not required at your seat but recommended.  We are working very hard to social distance and hoping these students can enjoy a full year of  basketball, cheer, etc…
  • Bus parking for all groups (players, cheer, etc…) will be at the loading ramp in the front entrance of the gym. 
  • ALL TEAMS  – Please call or text to (706) 371-9656 and let me know of arrival time.  We will make arrangements to open the doors and help with parking the buses. 
  • We will provide a private restroom area for your boys basketball, girls basketball, and cheer teams.
  • We plan to provide a “bubble” area for each team and ask that you adhere to staying in your assigned area.
  • We will provide a marked section in the arena for all your teams.  
  • We are asking that you as the coach monitor the students in this bubble. 
  • We will work out concession stand visits for each of your teams. We will have a concession cart that will visit the floor level for all the athletes involved.
  • We will ask that your teams all exit and enter this stadium seating area from the gym floor.
  • The plan is to keep our participants on the floor level for the entire evening. We also plan to keep all spectators on the upper level of the arena.
  • We ask that your students do not leave the designated areas provided. If our participants leave the bubble area and head up into the arena – they will not be allowed to re-enter the bubble area and/or lower level.  If before or during our participants contest, they will be asked to exit the floor level for the rest of the night. They will not participate. If venturing upstairs after their contest, they will not be allowed to re-enter the bubble area. With the bubble created for our visiting teams, the visitors will be able to monitor their own bubble. We are hoping you will work the same protocol to protect all our students and coaches.
  • We will provide bench seating set for social distancing.
  • Visiting team will be responsible for their own sideline water, towels, etc…
  • Cheer will allow 10 cheerleaders at a time on the court level.  If you bring more than 10, you are responsible for keeping extras in bubble areas and rotation to the floor level. 
  • Cheerleaders that are not on the floor should remain in the bubble area provided.  If a cheerleader leaves the bubble area and goes up in the stadium, the cheerleader will  not be allowed to re-enter the gym floor and/or bubble area. 
  • Please let me know in advance if you plan to travel with your cheerleaders. 
  • After the game the visiting team will exit the gym through the same gate entered. No handshake or loitering on the gym floor. 

Hoping your visit to Stephens County High School will be a good one.  Please email Chuck King AD, ( or your sport specific coach listed above with details that you might have questions. 

Have a blessed day

Chuck King

Athletic Director 

Stephens County High School.